Winterizing Exterior Plumbing

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The frost is on the pumpkin. No doubt about it, it’s time to winterize the exterior of your home. Your home’s hose bibs (outdoor faucets) should be on top of your home winterization list.

Here are three easy steps when it comes to your home’s hose bibs:

  • Inspect
  • Repair or Replace
  • Insulate

Inspect Hose Bibs

Inspect Hose Bibs

Inspect hose bibs for damage

First and foremost, inspect all of your home’s hose bibs for any damage. Since hose bibs are an exterior home feature, they are often subject to more wear and tear.

Hose bib damage can occur when a connected hose is pulled on too hard, repeatedly. Damage can also occur if the hose bibs have taken a hit from landscaping tools.

While inspecting your hose bibs look for damaged valve stems. Are the valve stems shutting off the water completely? If you have to use a tool like a pair of pliers to shut the hose bib off, the hose bib is in need of repair.

The most important thing to look for when inspecting your hose bibs are leaks. A common source of leaky hose bibs are worn washers. A savvy DIY’r can replace a hose bib washer. But, if you’re unsure about replacing hose bib washers on your own, call your local plumber.

Moreover, hose bib leaks can be a sign of a more serious plumbing issue such as:

  • A leak at the connection between an exterior faucet and the pipe.
  • A cracked hose bib
  • A hose bib that is very old
Broken plumbing pipe

Frozen water can burst plumbing pipes

Repair or Replace

Repairing and/or replacing hose bibs is critical to your home’s plumbing system. When the cold winter weather settles in, damaged and leaky hose bibs can cause your home’s plumbing system to freeze up. Frozen plumbing pipes can burst causing flooding and extensive damage to a home.


Once you feel confident that all your exterior home’s hose bibs are functioning correctly, insulate the hose bibs. Hose bib insulators can be purchased at any plumbing-supply or home improvement center.

Unhook hoses and insulate hose bibs

Unhook hoses and insulate hose bibs

If you can’t get to a store before a freeze arrives you can improvise. You can safely insulate your hose bibs by wrapping them with a towel. Next, cover the towel with a plastic bag. Then, secure the towel and plastic bag with a rubber band or duct tape.

Lastly, make sure you caulk around the hose bibs to seal and stop any cold or moisture from entering into your home.

Professional Plumbing Repair

Clark County Plumbing and Drain can repair or replace any damaged hose bibs on your home. We can also install freeze-resistant hose bibs (exterior faucets) and inspect the plumbing in your crawl space.

Don’t let the winter weather sneak up on you. Inspect your home’s hose bibs for damage, insulate them, and give Clark County Plumbing and Drain a call at 360-210-7933 if you’re looking for local and reliable, professional plumbing. Visit our website at

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