Trenchless water line replacement in Vancouver Wa

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Trenchless water line replacement in Vancouver Wa

The homeowner received a high water bill from the City of Vancouver and they were informed that they had a water leak.

They contacted us Clark County Plumbing and Drain to find the leak for them. When our technician arrived at their home he performed a thorough plumbing inspection to determine where the leak was coming from. He noted that the water meter was spinning although no plumbing fixtures in the home were being used. He inspected the toilets, tubs, showers, and faucets and found all the plumbing fixtures were in good working order.

He then shut the main water shut off to the home off, and discovered that the meter was still spinning which indicates that there is a leak on the water main. The water main is the main water line that runs underground from the water meter and connects with the plumbing inside the house.

trenchless water line in Camas WA

boring machine installing a new water service in Camas WA

The technician with Clark County Plumbing and Drain then dug up a small section of the water line to determine what type of pipe material was used. He wanted to see if the pipe was copper, PEX,

Trenchless water line replacement

A boring machine drilling under a driveway to install a new water line to the residential house in Vancouver WA

galvanized, polybutylene, or Big Blue. He determined that the water main was, in fact, was Big Blue

Commonly known as “Big Blue,” one type of poly tubing was used from about 1978 to 1995 as water supply piping because of its low cost. The pipe can be blue, grey, white, silver, or black. They are usually stamped with the code PB2110.

Big Blue was once thought of as the pipe of the future, it was used to replace traditional copper pipes that carried fresh water into homes. Unfortunately, it was later found that the material doesn’t hold up well after years of use and problems with cracking and deteriorating are extremely common.

Unfortunately for homeowners in Clark County and Southwest Washington this product was used primarily from the mid 1970s to the mid 1990s. If your home was built in this time frame you should call Clark County Plumbing for a free estimate.

Once our technician determined that the homeowner had Big Blue piping he gave them a free estimate to replace the water main. He discussed the options and how the process of trenchless water line replacement works. The customer agreed to the price and Clark County Plumbing was able to get them on the schedule that same week to replace their leaking water main.

Trenchless water line replacement works by using a boring machine to drill under the ground horizontally. Clark County Plumbing and Drain is able to drill from the water meter to the connection under the house and connect the new water line into the existing plumbing system with minimal to no damage to the landscaping, sidewalks or driveway. The process usually only takes half a day and the water is generally off for a couple of hours.

When Clark County Plumbing is done with a Trenchless water line replacement there is a very little clean up to do and most homeowners can’t even tell we were ever there.

Because of the minimal amount of digging and clean up Trenchless water line replacement is a cost-effective alternative to traditional digging or excavating to replace a water line. We can also replace sewer lines and drains using the same Trenchless technology.

If you have a high water bill or are concerned that you may have Big Blue water piping, Call Clark County Plumbing & Drain today for your free estimate for Trenchless water line replacement.

Clark County Plumbing & Drain offers free estimates to homes owners in Vancouver WA, Clark County, Camas WA, Battle Ground WA, Orchards, Felida, Washougal, Salmon Creek, and Southwest WA.

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