Sewer Pipe Lining In Vancouver WA

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Sewer Lining In Vancouver WA

What is Sewer Pipe lining?

Sewer pipe lining or CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) is a process where a fiberglass sock is soaked in an epoxy resin and pulled or pushed into the existing sewer line. When the epoxy resin dries or “cures” the epoxy pipe liner creates a seamless, jointless, pipe-within-a-pipe.

Why choose Sewer Pipe Lining?

Sewer pipe lining can be used to rehabilitate deteriorating sanitary drain and storm sewer lines, including mechanical systems, with minimal disruptions to homes or businesses. Generally, there is no need for digging or excavation which saves time and money and allows businesses to operate normally without any disruption or lost revenue. Because there is no need to dig or excavate there is no extra expense of replacing concrete, landscaping, and walls.

What kind of problems does sewer pipe lining address?

Older Sewer Lines:

Most homes and buildings built before the early 1970s have sewer lines generally made of cast iron and clay. Cast iron and clay sewer lines are subject to cracking and rusting out at the bottom, which leads to root intrusion at the joints and cracks.

Hole in the top of a cast iron sewer line

Root Intrusion:

Root intrusion into sewer pipe systems is reported to cause 50% of all sewer blockages. Interference of trees into sewer systems is likely to occur in older systems and in cracked pipes. Factors that contribute to damage include older pipes with joints, shallow pipes, small-dimension pipes, and fast-growing tree species. The cost associated with caring for root intrusion in the past has been expensive and laborious and unfortunately, is rarely a long-term fix.

sewer line with root intrusion

Roots in sewer line

Solution: Sewer pipe lining protects against further intrusion in joints and cracks. Because of the nature of root intrusion, it is best to reinforce and protect pipes before major intrusions have taken place. Sewer pipe lining is a permanent solution to prevent root intrusion and does not require cutting down any trees.

Calcification in Sewer Lines:
Over time, sewer lines will calcify, as calcium deposits from the water build up over time and create a coating that clogs up household pipes and drain lines. This is especially true for buildings with hard water due to its high levels of calcium.

Solution: Sewer Pipe-lining makes it impossible for calcium deposits to adhere to the interior walls of the new epoxy barrier pipe, preventing future calcification.

Sewer pipe lining is a fast, cost-effective way to permanently repair faulty sewer lines. It saves homeowners and property owners time and money.

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Sewer Liner before and after video

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