Sewer Line Repairs and How to Prevent them

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Sewer line repairs are costly! There is no other way to put it, between the heavy equipment, the man power, and the danger involved the cost adds up quickly. That does not even take into consideration damage to your home from flooding or lost revenue from shutting your restaurant down because you can not use your drains.


So what causes sewer lines to catastrophically fail, and how can you prevent it?

Sewer lines generally fail do to neglect and lack of maintenance. Sewer lines and drain lines end up collapsing or become so infiltrated with roots that drain cleaning contractors can no longer use their drain cleaning equipment to clear the lines resulting in expensive digging and replacement.

Sewer line maintenance can catch minor sewer line issues before they become sewer line repairs. With the use of a sewer video inspection camera Clark County Plumbing & Drain can inspect all of the sewer lines in a home or business and we can locate any issues that may cause future problems. With this technology we can determine which equipment to use to properly clean the sewer lines. It is important to find these problem areas before its to late.

Clark County Plumbing & Drain LLC recommends older homes have their sewer lines inspected annually, we then can determine if there is any need to do any maintenance or root treatments. With commercial buildings and commercial kitchens we generally recommend six month maintenance programs because of the heavy use and potential for grease in the lines. On newer homes we recommend a video inspection when the home is purchased to be sure that there is no installation or material failures.

A few easy tips to keep your drains running smoothly. These are all common things that we see day to day.

Here are a few things to avoid

Roots- avoid planting trees and shrubs around drain lines. Roots will grow as wide as the canopy of the tree. Clark County Plumbing & Drain offers a root inhibitor that slows downs root growth without harming the tree


Feminine Products- do not flush feminine hygiene products. Feminine hygiene products are second to roots when it comes to sewer line back ups

Baby Wipes- no matter what the package says baby wipes are NOT flushable. They will clog even brand new sewer lines


Paper Towels- paper towels especially in restaurants cause major sewer issues, if you are a restaurant manager or have bathrooms that are open to the public post signs that say (PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH PAPER TOWELS) this simple step could save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and repairs.

Q-Tips- Q tips and other cotton products should not go down the drain

Hair- consider getting a ” hair trap” from your local hardware store and place over your tub and shower drains

Lint- Lint on old washing machine drains cause big problems, grab a “lint screen” from your local hardware store, or an old pair of stockings works great as well.

Garbage Disposals- Garbage disposals are not made for garbage. Avoid putting pastas, breads, fibrous foods, coffee grounds and egg shells down the disposal. Consider starting a compost pile its better for the environment and your drains

Drain O- Drain O and other toxic chemicals are horrible, they are bad for the environment and dangerous to children and pets. They can also do more harm to your plumbing system than good. Please avoid purchasing so called “drain cleaning chemicals”

Septic Systems- Get friendly with your septic tank. Where is it located? What size is the tank? When was the last time that it was pumped or inspected? Am I on septic or city sewer? As a home owner these are all thing you should know. If you cant answer all of these questions we recommend finding a local septic pumper that you can trust and they will gladly help you out with these questions.

We hope these tips help and if you have any questions or are in need of any plumbing or drain cleaning services please give us a call

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