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The life expectancy of your water heater depends on several factors.Quality of installation, location of the unit, water quality and routine maintenance. The water heater in your home requires regular maintenance to run properly and last longer. There are a few things you can do as a homeowner or tenant to keep your water heater in optimal condition and delay the necessity for its replacement. Clark County Plumbing & Drain are local plumbers with the experience to perform a proper inspection on the condition of your water heater unit.

Gas Vs. Electric Water Heaters

The specifics of your Water heater maintenance needs depends largely on the type of water heater your home is equipped with. Natural gas powered water heaters have their own set of issues and maintenance checks that need to be performed, while electrical systems are prone to more common electrical and water quality issues. If your water heater has natural gas lines coming to it, or has a pilot light or other flame then it is a natural gas heater. If no such equipment is present on your heater and electrical lines run to your system then it’s an electrical heater.

Maintenance and Checks for Home Water Heaters

Water heaters require annual or semi-annual checking for condensation, rust, corrosion and leaks. A visual inspection of your system should allow you to detect any obvious rusting or corrosion on the tank or fittings. The pipes coming to and from your system should be checked as well. If your heater has a pilot light, make sure it’s a nice blue color, as yellow flames indicate lack of proper fuel. The pressure relief valve needs to be tested on occasion. This is done by placing a bucket under the valve’s opening and releasing water and vapor from the system. The tank on your home’s water heater needs to be flushed occasionally, too. This is done by cutting the water supply off and draining all water from the tank. The tank is then refilled and drained again to clean it of any debris or build up which may wear your system prematurely and degrade your water quality.

The best way to keep a water heater properly maintained is to contact a professional plumbing service for routine maintenance. A plumber can come to your home and inspect and maintain your system on an annual basis, for a low hourly or defined service fee. This ensures all maintenance tasks are performed on a proven schedule by skilled and experienced professionals. If you live in the Vancouver WA area, contact Clark County Plumbing & Drain to setup an appointment for inspection or maintenance today!

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