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Residential Water Heater Installation at Clark County Plumbing & Drain serving Vancouver WA and Camas WA

If the water heater in your home or apartment has began to fail, or you’ve decided to upgrade to a more efficient or powerful model then you’ll want to call a local plumber to install its replacement. Water heaters range in type from tank-equipped to tankless, and may be powered by either natural gas or electricity. The type and fueling of your water heater will affect the installation process and cost, along with other factors regarding your home plumbing system and needs.

Installing Home Water Heaters

Residential water heater installation requires the work of a licensed and experienced plumbing contractor to conform with regulations, city ordinances and safety protocols. Electric water heaters will require electrical lines or plugins to be installed near the heater. Natural gas systems will need a nearby supply of natural gas lines. Homes without pre-existing gas or electrical lines may require additional installation costs.

Both electric and natural gas powered water heaters can come in a variety of options, all of which impacting the installation process. The main two options seen in residential water heaters is tank-equipped and tankless heater systems. Water heaters with large, 50 to 100 gallon tanks are common in houses, apartments and trailers. These heaters require adequate space, often in a basement or laundry room.

Other Types of Water Heaters

Tankless Water heaters are also a popular option in residential settings. These systems have their own unique installation process that must be followed precise. The first thing your plumber will do during installation is determine the best place for your new water heater. This will usually be in a less-often used room against a clear wall or in a corner. This is so that you system can be out of the way and less prone to bumping into or other damage-causing situations.

If you need water heater installation services, contact Clark County Plumbing & Drain for a prompt and accurate estimate.

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