Residential Video Inspections & Pipe Scoping

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Residential Video Inspection in Vancouver, WA and Camas, Washington from Clark County Plumbing And DrainVideo inspections are often used in plumbing to detect problems within your home’s pipes. By feeding a video camera with a lighted end down your drain or supply pipe, a plumber can see more details about the cause of your plumbing issues. This is often used to find clogs, determine the substance a clog is made of, and inspect pipes for cracks or corrosion. Pipe scoping is a video inspection method often used on sewer lines to find issues within your drainage system.

Video Inspections for Residential Plumbing

A video pipe inspection may be needed if your home’s plumbing seems to be clogged. This can be especially helpful if clog-removal methods like drain cleaners and snaking have not helped. If you have waste water backing up in your fixtures, yard, or basement then you are in need of a professional video pipe inspection.

Video inspections can find the exact location of clogs, and help plumbers determine how to best break the clog loose. Video pipe inspections are often followed by auger type drain snakes, or full pipe replacement.

Pipe Scoping for Residential Sewer Lines

Pipe scoping is a method of camera line inspection that can locate clogs and other issues within your sewer and septic drain lines. By inserting a camera with a light on it through your drain lines, a plumber can find clogs and give you an estimate on what it will take the remove any clogging materials. This method can also be used to find leaks and other issues in buried lines.

If you’re in need of a video inspection, or have a clog that’s backing water up through your fixtures, property, or drain openings then you should contact a licensed plumber right away. If you live near the Camas, Vancouver, or Battle Ground areas in Washington then you should call Clark County Plumbing & Drain to setup a video inspection for your problematic home water supply or drainage lines.

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