Replacing Galvanized Steel Pipes in Your Home

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Residential Galvanized Steel Pipe Repair in Vancouver, WA and Camas Washington from Clark County Plumbing And DrainMany homeowners are displeased to find out their homes built prior to 1970 contain galvanized steel pipes. That’s because galvanized steel, a metal piping layered with Zinc, is prone to erosion which can cause health issues and the need for plumbing repairs. The best option for homes containing galvanized steel pipes is often total repiping using another material. If your home contains galvanized steel pipes and you want to replace them for either safety’s sake or due to leaks and and erosion, then you’ll need to hire a professional plumber.

Problems with Galvanized Steel Pipes

Houses and apartments plumbed with galvanized steel may experience leaks and even flooding due to eroded elbows, pipes, and fittings. Since galvanized steel is layered with Zinc, it’s prone to erosion any time acidic liquids travel across its surface. City water, treated well water, and outgoing waste all have contain chemicals that affect the quality and acidity of water in your home. Even clean, treated water will eventually erode the Zinc layer inside your galvanized pipes, allowing high levels of Zinc to make it to your faucets.

High levels of Zinc in water can cause health issues and may be against regulations in your area. Aside from health issues, eroded galvanized steel pipes usually have issues with water pressure and regularity. As erosion continues to worsen, debris will eventually clog the elbows in your piping, causing high pressure, further erosion that will leak to leaks and broken pipes.

Galvanized Steel Pipe Replacement

If you’re home contains galvanized steel piping from the 1960’s or earlier, then you’ll have to hire a professional plumbing service for galvanized steel pipe replacement. A complete repiping is likely in order for any galvanized pipe-systems in residential buildings. Such repiping projects often pay for themselves over time, however, by adding value to your home, protecting your family from unsafe levels of Zinc and through increased efficiency of newer piping materials.

Anyone located near Battle Ground, Camas, or Vancouver, WA, should contact Clark County Plumbing & Drain for galvanized steel pipe replacement. This company has a proven track record of quality repairs, and can get you the best price for your home steel pipe replacement project.

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