Why Choose PEX Pipes?

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residential PEX pipe installation in Vancouver, WA Camas Washington from Clark County Plumbing And DrainMany home owners and contractors are choosing PEX piping in their water systems, as an alternative to the corrosion-prone copper piping of days past. PEX pipes, also known as crosslinked polyethylene pipes, are cheaper than copper and eliminate some of the issues that arise in copper-piped water systems like corrosion from acidic water. Read ahead to find out why PEX piping is the biggest trend in modern plumbing, and why you’ll want to choose it over copper nearly every time.

What is PEX piping?

PEX piping is growing material for any water system that will intake or drain water from residential and commercial buildings. It’s made of crosslinked polyethylene lengths of plastic-based tubes known as PEX tubing. This tubing is flexible, so it can conform to the structures in your home or building, unlike copper piping. PEX tubing allows you to avoid drilling and sawing ceiling and floor joists, by bending around the architectural elements.

PEX uses layers of high density polyethylene to create a strong, break-resistant system of tubing that can be used for hot or cold water. This material is safe for water systems using chlorine, since it can withstand even the harshest chemicals and additives, making it a great choice for those with city or well-based water systems.

Other Benefits of PEX

Another reason to use PEX instead of copper is that acidic water often rusts and corrodes copper pipes. PEX is not prone to corrosion, since it’s not metallic-based. It’s also not prone to freeze-cracking, unlike other types of plastic and copper plumbing. PEX delivers safe water supply to homes and businesses without the risk of pipe debris or bacteria growth from chipping and pitting. Many people also prefer PEX for the fact that it’s quieter than traditional pipes.

Cost of PEX Pipes Vs. Copper

Cost is an obvious factor when planning any water system in a new construction project or during remodeling. Contractors, plumbers and home-owners alike want to reduce the cost of materials without sacrificing quality. PEX pipes are cheaper than traditional copper pipes, and this is a major reason they are a favorite in new construction.

PEX piping have been used in Europe for almost 50 years, they were introduced to America a little more recently, but have been growing wildly in popularity during just the past few years. Demand for PEX has skyrocketed since PEX tube pricing has come down in recent years. Home-owners with PEX piping have noticed that they are saving money on energy bills, as well. That’s because PEX transfers less heat than copper to the surrounding environment, and therefore requires less from your water heater to provide you with a hot shower or laundry cycle.

If you’re building a new construction project or simply updating or replacing pipes in your home or office setting, look for a PEX dealer online or in your area. Those within the vicinity of Vancouver, WA; Camas, WA; or Battle Ground, Washington, should contact Clark County Plumbing & Drain, a leading specialist in PEX piping.

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