Repiping Residential Copper Pipes

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residential Copper pipe plumbing in Vancouver, WA and Camas Washington from Clark County Plumbing And DrainMany older homes were constructed with copper plumbing, which is prone to corrosion and other issues after several decades. If you’ve noticed leaks, corrosion or pitting in your home’s copper piping then it may be time for an upgrade or complete repiping. Having new copper pipes installed or switching to the more modern PEX piping will give you peace of mind and prevent your living space from being subjected to leaks and floods.

When to Repipe

If your home was fitted with copper pipes and you’ve discovered green, corroded lengths or pipes or connectors, your system may be in need of a repiping service. Copper piping that has began to corrode can contaminate the water you use to wash, cook and drink. Keep your family safe from contaminated water by making sure to replace any eroded pipes that supply water to your house or apartment.

Many home-owners repipe their copper systems to decrease energy consumption and increase the resell value of their property. Newer plumbing materials don’t transfer as much heat to surrounding spaces as copper does, saving the home-owners heating and cooling expenses. Recent repiping can also increase a home’s value and is a great selling point, making it a smart move for anyone who may want to sell their house in the next few years.

Benefits of Copper Repiping

There are many benefits to hiring a company to repipe your copper water supply lines. The main benefit you’ll notice is cleaner, safer water that is free or pipe-originated debris. Since corrosion of copper can leak toxic and harmful substances in your water, you’ll sleep better knowing any aging copper pipes in your system have been replaced.

If you’re switching from Copper to PEX or another type of piping then you’ll also notice an increased efficient in your water supply system. It will take less energy to keep your water hot, as copper is prone to heat-leakage and loss of energy. Review your repiping options with a professional plumber to see what will work best in your house.

Home-owners with copper piping will eventually want to replace eroding and leaky pipes with newer copper or plastic-based lines. Repiping companies like Clark County Plumbing and Drain can replace leaky metal pipes and connectors with newer, more energy-efficient materials. If you’re in the Vancouver, Camas, or Battleground WA area give them a call today to get started on your residential copper repiping project.

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