Residential Non-Pressurized Pipe Systems

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Residential non pressurized systems in Vancouver, WA and Camas Washington from Clark County Plumbing And DrainThere are two types of piping systems in your home: pressurized and non-pressurized. Most of your home’s plumbing falls into the non-pressurized piping category, including the main supply line, horizontal supply and drain pipes, vertical waste and drain lines, vents, and plumbing coming from most appliances. Without added pressure, these lines must rely on natural forces such as gravity to move water and waste in your house and basement. This often means the water moves slower than it would in pressurized systems, and therefore has more time to sit and clog or corrode pipes, which may cause leaks in your home plumbing system. This is especially true for homes with hard or heavily-treated water.

Issues Related to Non-Pressurized Pipe Systems

Many issues can arise in your house’s non-pressurized pipe systems. Corrosive chemicals entering or draining from your home can create leaks and holes in your piping. Cold temperatures can also freeze the contents of these systems quite easily, leading to cracked and broken pipes.

When an issue arises within your pipping, your first indication may be low pressure from your faucets, discolored water, or poor tasting or smelling water in your home’s supply. Leaks and puddles may also be detected around the piping in your basement, ceilings or flooring.

How to Fix Non-Pressurized Residential Piping

The best way to address issues in your non-pressurized piping is to contact a licensed plumbing service with experience in these systems. They can advise you on the replacement or repair of specific pipes and systems, and provide you with a thorough estimate of your repair project.

Many plumbers these days can also save you money by using a CIPP Cured in Place Pipe method to line your failing pipes and seal off any leaks. The CIPP Cured in Place Pipe system involves extending an ultra-violet light curable epoxy through your existing pipe and setting it in place permanently. This prevents any corrosion that may in place in your pipes from reaching your water supply. This technique also takes care of any cracks or leaks in the original piping.

If you live anywhere in or around the Vancouver, Camas, or Battle Ground areas of Washington then you should contact Clark County Plumbing & Drain for a diagnosis and repair of your non-pressurized pluming system. With CIPP technology and training, this local plumbing service is equipped to handle any issue that may have arisen in your residential plumbing system.

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