Residential Main Water Line Replacement

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The main water line is the most important pipe in your home’s plumbing system. This line supplies water to your property from a central municipal or other source for drinking, laundry, dishes, and all other water-usage purposes in your home. When the main water line on your property comes damaged or broken, you will experience issues ranging from poor water pressure to flooding and debris in your water supply. If your main water line is ageing or showing signs of malfunction, then you are likely in need of main water line replacement or repair.

Signs You Need a Main Water Line Replacement

Residential trenchless water line replacement and repair in Vancouver, WA and Camas Washington form Clark County Plumbing And DrainWhen main water lines become corroded, damaged, or even broken there will be plenty of signs you may notice in your home. These signs range from subtle and hard to detect to glaringly obvious. Some of the more subtle signs your main water line needs replaced include otherwise-inexplicably high water or electric bills, poor water pressure in your faucets, and discoloration of the water in your home. These issues will be present in both your hot and cold water. More conspicuous signs that you’re in need of a new main water line include pooling of water in your yard along the path of the water line, flooding around low points in your yard or home, and sudden, drastic changes in water pressure or quality.

Main Water Line Replacement Options for Homeowners

There are several options for homeowners with failing main water lines. These options include spot repair for isolated issues, complete relining of the main water line, and total line replacement.

If you’re opting to have your main water supply line replaced, or pipe lining is not possible for your situation, then there are a couple of options you’ll have. The traditional method of replacing a main water line involves digging a large trench through the length of your property and physically removing your current piping. New piping can then be laid down in its place. A newer method that most homeowners prefer is called trench-free water line replacement. With trench-free replacement, a plumber can install a new main water line without demolition, simply by feeding a new line through a solitary hole in your yard.

If you live near Camas, Battle Ground, or Vancouver, WA, then you should have your main water line inspected by Clark County Plumbing & Drain. They have the professional experience to repair or replace any residential main water supply line.

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