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One method that plumbers often use to restore your home’s piping is to install a pipe liner. This involves placing a durable plastic or epoxy material in your pipes to seal off any corrosion or holes that may exist.

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Pipe lining provides a new surface for your drainage pipes to protect and prevent any leaks. Pipe lining can be done using a special Cure-In-Place method that allows your plumber to slide lining into your drain pipes without any demolition. An ultraviolet light is fed through the pipe to cure the adhesive and usable again in just hours.

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Residential Pipe Lining Information

This is a fast and efficient way to restore the health of your homes plumbing. Pipe lining often saves homeowners money, as it is usually less expensive than repiping. It can be used on a wide variety of piping including drain lines, and many vertical and horizontal lines in your home. Contact an expert today to see if pipe lining is a good option for your home.

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