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Home Drain Snake Cleaning at Clark County Plumbing & Drain serving Vancouver WA and Camas WAResidential drain cleaning can be a complex project, as clogs and debris can settle in pipes and elbows far from the bathroom or kitchen fixtures. Clogs are often located near the bend in a plumbing system, in elbows, or around structural obstacles in basements and crawlspaces. If you’ve noticed slow draining or foul smells coming from the drains in your house, then it’s time to call in a local plumber.

What is a Drain Snake?

A drain snake, or auger, is a device that is specifically designed to eliminate clogs within the plumbing pipes of your home. Plumbing snakes and augers are typically made out of flexible metal, with hooks or latches at the end that are designed to catch or break up clog material. Drain snakes can be manually operated, but augers are typically motorized, have longer cables, and are more powerful. An auger is a type of drain snake.

Drain snakes can be used to get rid of clogs in:

  • Toilets
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Shower drains
  • Washing Machines
  • Dishwashers
  • And any other drain sources

Do I Need Auger Drain Cleaning?

Drain snake cleaning should be performed whenever a clog blocks a pipe. The most obvious sign of a clog in your home drainage system is standing water around the drain in your tub, sinks or laundry floor drains. Standing water is a sure sign that something is preventing the flow of water somewhere in your plumbing. Partially clogged drains may exhibit more subtle symptoms, such as slow-draining water and foul smells emitting from fixtures.

If you have a serious clog, or the clog is further down within your pipes, your professional plumber will be able to determine whether or not an auger is needed. A professional drain auger can fed through the pipes in your home and can even navigate through the 90 degree elbows commonly found below tubs, sinks and basement piping systems. Such augers have durable blade that latch onto clogs and break them up, allowing water to pass through instantly. It’s always best to clean a drain before it becomes fully clogged, to avoid the potential for extra repairs.

Professional Drain Snake Cleaning

If you’ve noticed a slow-to-drain fixture in your house or apartment, you should contact Clark County Plumbing & Drain right away. Clark County Plumbing & Drain can clear your pipes before the clog gets any worse, making sure your plumbing system stays functioning and intact, without any further damage.

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