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Clogged drains are more than a nuisance–they can wreak havoc on your pipes and fittings. Clogs forming in your home are a natural result of daily use, as hair, paper, food, and other debris are washed down the drain. Clogs build up over time and can even stop water flow altogether. If you’re experiencing slow drains, or noticing foul smells, it’s best to call a rooter drain cleaning professional before the clogs can cause serious problems! An exceptional drain cleaning company does more than clean your drains, and here at Clark County Plumbing & Drain, we offer comprehensive home drain cleaning services.

Home Drain Snake Cleaning

We use a drain cleaning machine called a rooter to blast clogs and restore proper water flow. By treating partial clogs with rooter drain cleaning before they become serious issues, you’ll significantly extend the life of your drainage system, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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Residential Hydro Jetting Services

As a residential drain cleaning company, we’re experts in flow treatment techniques, optimizing your time and money to make the most of our services. Residential hydro jet drain cleaning involves pushing high-pressure water through your drain to remove clogs in your home, whether the clogs are in your pipes or the pipes connected to a municipal drainage system.

Home Drain Cleaning Professionals

At Clark County Plumbing & Drain, we provide exceptional home drain cleaning services. During a visit from one of our professional drain experts, we will inspect your pipes and fittings, clear any existing clogs, and provide advice on how to avoid clogs in the future. Unlike some other residential drain cleaning companies, we believe in using the best of our expertise to clean your drains. We offer more than one type of solution, using both rooter drain cleaning and hydro jet drain cleaning to ensure your drainage system is completely repaired. Our comprehensive and professional drain cleaning will allow your pipes to flow clean and free for years to come.

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