Seasonal Plumbing Advice

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Seasonal Plumbing Advice To Keep Your System Flowing Smoothly

As August will come to an end, Fall seasonally will begin to arrive. Clark County Plumbing & Drain wants you to be completely prepared for any issues caused by the fluctuation of Hot and Cold weather temperatures. The change of seasons has a major impact on the plumbing system. This is an important time to prepare your plumbing system for the changing weather.

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Make Sure To Keep Your Soil Moist In Order To Prevent Erosion

One Sign Of An Impending Plumbing Issue Is A Decrease In Water Pressure.

Not only will cold winter weather affect your pipes, but, hot summer weather can cause your pipes to expand and burst, as well! Low water pressure in the summer is bothersome. However, this seems to be evidence illustrating a larger issue. Pressure changes are caused by breaks, leaking connections, or water supply malfunctions.

As the Summer reaches it’s peak temperature, the hot weather can actually cause the ground to fracture. The foundation of land that your residence or business will crack underground and cause many issues to your system. South Western Washington State has very old historic ground. Houses built below and on slopes face many landslide hazards, as well as, seismic tendencies. The expansive shift in temperature from Summer to Fall can put a serious strain on your plumbing system. The temperature changes will alter the ground that your pipes sit in. Without moisture, the soil will begin to contract and sink; moving the pipes, as well. The piping will shift around, often causing them to burst.

You can secure the foundation by continuously watering or strategically planting plants to hold the soil together!!

Plants can lower the temperature of the soil and prevent the ground from cracking!!

When The Summer is Hot..

As well, in the Summer when the temperatures are high, a regular flush of your septic system is necessary. Clark County Plumbing & Drain offers a full line of drain cleaning services. No matter the issue, Clark County Plumbing and Drain can help. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to handle your residential or commercial drain cleaning needs. Whether a slow draining sink at your house or a clogged grease trap at your restaurant. Clark County Plumbing & Drain Will Have An Experienced Plumber At Your House For Free. CCP will analyze your plumbing system, in order to determine if the property’s septic system needs to be pumped or snaked.


Clark County Plumbing & Drain  provides free in-home estimates for sewer and water main issues.

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