Staying On Top: Plumbing Issues

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Plumbing Issues &  Procrastination

There are many reasons to put off calling a plumbing for a repair. Maybe you can fix it yourself, or you do not have the time to bring in a plumber. Time is valuable, rather it becomes easy to put off fixing a leaky faucet or other plumbing issues. Moreover, letting the issues dwindle, as they seem to not present any major, immediate damage. However, by forgetting about these minor repairs, you run the serious risk of these issues becoming bigger, more devastating and financially, more expensive. Therefore, you must take care of any plumbing repairs ASAP!!!

Do Not Let Procrastination Cost You In The Long Run

Woman Mopping Up Leaky Sink On Phone To Plumber. Plumbing Issues

Emergency Plumbing Services

Just a few drops from a leaky faucet seems like no big deal. Wrong. Procrastination on your maintenance will develop into major issues that will damage your residence. In conclusion, a leak in a faucet or a supply line, will cost you the water that gets wasted. Seemingly not much, but according to the EPA, Environment Protection Agency, a continuous dripping can add up to 10,000 gallons of water per year. Your water bill will increase.

Continuous Plumbing Issues.

Leaking water will cause other issues in the supply line or the drain pipe. A leak that occurs anywhere outside the sink, toilet, or shower, the moisture will end up causing mold and mildew. Imagine, the rotting woodwork in your home, causing you to rip out and replace framing, flooring or even the ceiling because a simple plumbing repair became a major plumbing issue.

Let Clark County Plumbing & Drain Protect Your Health

Most of all, the consequences of procrastination can reach beyond quick fix, as well. Plumbing issues like mold and mildew can create respiratory problems, and the buildup of biofilm within your pipes can be fatally devastating. Other Plumbing issues, like water pooling around the toilet seal or a backed-up sewer line, may mean that raw sewage is exposed to the inside your home. With all the potential outcomes of ignoring a plumbing issue, the choices becomes apparent: Either the do-it-yourself route, or call a plumber for an emergency repair. In conclusion, the expense and time spent preventing the problem can alleviate the potentially enormous cost of a real emergency.


Clark County Plumbing & Drain provides plumbing services to the Southwest Washington area, including Vancouver and Camas. We provide residential and commercial plumbing services. Most of all we are licensed, qualified, insured and bonded. Call our Emergency Line at 360-210-7933 if you have an immediate plumbing issue with your residence or commercial property.


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