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Individual Reviews

Highly recommend!

5 Stars

June 29, 2020 by Kaylyn on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

They provide great service and they are very friendly.

5 Stars

May 18, 2020 by Patrick and Deborah Perry on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

Owner Mike Jones and the crew from Clark County Plumbing were nothing short of awesome! They helped clear out some clogged pipes from the driveway leading out to the exterior of our property. They were nice, efficient and got the job done ASAP. Mike was a real professional and on time ... no-make that early! I only wish I could give him 10 stars!

Exceptional service

5 Stars

May 5, 2020 by Patrick Perry on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

Highly Recommended Honest and professional service. Mike and Dante handled our drainage system problem quickly and with competitive pricing. Our plumber of choice from now on ! Thank you Perry family

5 Stars

April 27, 2020 by Lydia Brooks on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

I've been working with Clark Co. Plumbing on a variety of home plumbing projects over the last 5 years and have always been happy with their work. I recently had an outdoor spigot they installed 3 years ago stop working and need to be replaced. Even though it was past the one year warranty they worked with the manufacturer to cover the cost of the replacement parts and they covered the cost of labor as well. I appreciate working with a company that stands by their work and takes into account the years we've worked together.

5 Stars

April 13, 2020 by Debbi L. on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

We had just moved into our home (during a pretty difficult time, no less) and a water spigot broke. We were so unfamiliar with the house, it was late at night the day after a holiday. We had water running all over the place and had to shut down everything. They squeezed us into their schedule, fixed the spigot gave us some valuable information that we didn't already have, recommended someone to help us with our well and sediment issues, and didn't rob us blind. We will be calling again--hopefully not soon, though Thank you, Clark County Plumbing!

Trustworthy, Efficient, Timely, Respectful, Communicative Service

5 Stars

April 3, 2020 by Angela on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

All of the previously notated stellar reviews are genuine; these guys are great. I feel grateful to have found individuals so thoughtful and through at an affordable price. It was a pleasure to have them here. I would highly suggest nurse service to anyone in need. Thank you!

5 Stars

March 23, 2020 by Matt Smith on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

Professional, personable and exceeded expectations. We had Mike and Clark County Plumbing out to replace all of our water and drain lines in our 1920’s house. Work was completed at the estimated price, on time, with a few pleasant thoughtful additions and cleaned up beyond expectations. The work crew was absolutely pleasant, professional and willing to answer questions. The professionalism, attention to detail and responsiveness absolutely elevated CCP above the competition and built a trust that is uncommon today.

5 Stars

February 27, 2020 by Diana Grove on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

The guys did an excellent job replacing a leaking water heater and bringing it up to code at my mom's house last fall. They came out quickly and got to work right away. I needed a new washing machine so I decided to replace the shut off valves at the same time. They arrived promptly, got to work right away and again did an fantastic job! They are my new go-to company for any future plumbing needs.

5 Stars

February 19, 2020 by BC Hadley on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

Having used Clark County Plumbing a couple times now, both with good results, I would gladly recommend them. They are very easy to communicate with and stand behind their work. No one is thrilled about having to call a plumber, but when you need to, it's nice to have a resource like Mike and his team that is trustworthy and knowledgeable.

5 Stars

February 11, 2020 by Mindy O'Neil on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

Clark County Plumbing and Drain was very responsive and thorough. They were prompt, did a great job explaining what was wrong, and fixed the issue quickly. I would highly recommend them.

5 Stars

February 9, 2020 by Mark Wenzel on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

5 Stars

February 5, 2020 by Stephen Johnson on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

Mike, the owner, is a straight shooter. He has high standards and does excellent work. I've hired him on three different occasions over a five-year period. The last time, I had his team re-pipe my house with PEX pipe. It was a big job, but they did what they said they would do with minimal disruption.

5 Stars

January 29, 2020 by Tonja Franklin on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

Many, many times they have saved the day. I can’t overstate my confidence in this company and in these people.

Fast, reliable and competitive.

5 Stars

January 24, 2020 by Ron and Brandy Patterson on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

Clark county plumbing and drain were very fast, reliable and their price was very competitive! We will hire them back in a second! Oh and very very polite! They replaced our main and all the fittings. We received the bid on Tuesday and the job was done on Friday. So three days later everything was in and done in three hours! Never even look like anybody had been here ....very clean and tidy! Thank you Clark county plumbing and drain!

5 Stars

September 7, 2019 by tjs98 369 on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

I just had dante and robbie fix a damaged and leaking pipe and outside faucet at my home. They were very professional and respectful of my home (they wore covers on their shoes) and keeping it clean. They were quick and decent priced for the job done. I highly recommend clark county plumbing and they will be my "go to" guys in the future for plumbing problems. Rory T.

5 Stars

July 5, 2019 by Howard Rectanus on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

Very thorough, very professional, hard working, efficient and a great attitude. Laid out all my options and walked me through everything we agreed on. I’d have CCP & Drain back in a heart beat. Thanks Dante for a job well done.

5 Stars

June 28, 2019 by Erin Scot on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

We couldn’t be happier with how everything went with Mike and Clark County Plumbing and Drain. We were in the midst of selling our house, and a sewer scope in the buyer’s inspection revealed a problem with the line. We called Mike at about 9:00 a.m. on a Thursday, and he was there an hour later to give us an estimate. He did a video scope of the line, then presented us with two options. He was clear on the benefits of each, and when we made our decision, he told us he could have it done the next day. He and another guy, Dante, showed up at 8:00 a.m. on Friday and got to work. By 1:00 p.m., we had paid the bill. And by about 3:00 p.m., they were gone. Though they had to dig a very big trench, they filled it in and smoothed out the yard, so that it didn’t really look like there had been any digging. A big section of the yard is just dirt now, but Mike also spread grass seed so that the yard can come back to life. As much as it sucked to spend the money necessary to do the job, it was great to work with Mike and Dante. They were both friendly, and Mike was thorough, communicative, and did a quick but effective job. We now know who will be our first call, should we run into any plumbing issues at our new home.

5 Stars

June 20, 2019 by Karla D. on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

Updating the garage with flooring and new cabinets and thought it was time to check the 16 year old tank heater. I looked at YELP and read CLark County Plumbing reviews and called. Mike, the owner, answered right away and made the appointment for 2 days out. He gave me valuable data on costs of tank options and tankless and the background on how tankless work and the pros and barely any cons. He was available during my timeframe and did the install today. He is KNOWLEDGEABLE, professional, dependable, clean and his follow-up is outstanding. His team is upbeat, thorough and they even swept the driveway before they left. Nice finishing touch. And his prices are very much in alignment. So with CCP you get everything you need and more than you expect, which should make anyone's day.

5 Stars

May 29, 2019 by Brendan Lee on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

Hands down, the best service I have come across in a long time. That seems hard to come by these days... I've worked with contractors before and this was a completely different experience. Honestly, I was waiting to get hit with a huge quote but it was actually really reasonable and there were even a few different options they had for me to chose from. They took care of the job right away and were very professional. Good guys and I would highly recommend them.

5 Stars

May 4, 2019 by Ken on Clark County Plumbing & Drain

When the hot water line behind our sink burst, after hours, Clark County Plumbing and Drain came out within the hour. I’d think that any after-hours plumber would be in a bad mood and do the minimal amount of work, but instead they sent one of their best. He knew exactly why it burst (manufactured defect) and that there had been a recall for it, too. Incredibly kind and knowledgeable, he didn’t stop at the easy fix. He searched around after capping the line and found that our exterior sink bib, which hadn’t shown any visible leaks to us yet, was also starting to leak. His thoroughness (after hours!) saved us from even more extensive repairs. I can’t recommend this company enough. Oh, and with all that, the price was incredibly fair. CCP&D is a win-win choice.
Total Reviews: 77

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