How To Determine If You Have A Leak In Your Main Line

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Fearing A Main Line Rupture?

Do you possibly have a water main leak on your hands? Clark County Plumbing & Drain may have some simple tidbits that can become valuable to you in your time of need. These are some actions you must consider before making a quick decision to repair the water main. CCP aims to help you avoid any unnecessary repairs or costly assessments of the Main Line.

Water Main Issues?

A common theory is that lower water pressure is the result of a water main line leak. However, unusual pressure loss is not caused by a main line leak. Having a service line leak is comparable any leak in your house, it is a common residential plumbing service. Only rare situations, such as  cracked service lines or busted connections from city main lines, will cause a residence’s plumbing to a drop in pressure.

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The most evident sign of a main line leak is the sound of running water, or the sound of congestion in the pipes. A leak will send a vibration throughout the pipes in your house and will be the first clue there is a plumbing issue.

When there is a leak within the house plumbing or the sound of a running toilet inside the house. If no water is being used in the building and the dials on the meter are running, there is a plumbing leak inside the house.

Another simple way to check a running toilet is to close the valve under the toilet and see if the water meter stops moving .

Another simple way to check for a main line leak is to place some food coloring inside the toilet tank and see if it remains inside the bowl after a few minutes.

Each and every insurance carrier has variations on what items they cover of the cost of a water main repair or line replacement. Typically only a few of the components of the cost are covered and there may be a deductible. It is important that you look over your individual policy.

Analyzing The Main Water Line For a Leak

Analyzing a possible main water line leak is a basic process. The process does not involve excessive training or unique tools. On almost every building, Residential or Commercial, in Clark County there is a water meter with two “shut-off valves.” The first step in analyzing a water main leak is to shut off the valve connecting to the house side of the meter. When all the dials on the meter are completely still, there is no longer any water running through the house. The second step is to ensure that water is not leaking from inside the house, and that is done by draining out the house plumbing system.

  • If you continue hear the sound of running water unfortunately you have a water main leak on the service line and will need a water main repair.
  • If there is no sound after turning the main valve and draining your plumbing system, then the leak is not to your main water line.

The most important step in the analysis is turning the valve back on. This process should be done slowly; with all the other plumbing fixtures open, in order to clear out of the system of any air. This will void any of the possible damage to your pipes. Damage is caused by water rushing back into the building’s plumbing system.

Each and every insurance carrier has different terms and conditions to the amount of the cost, that they are able cover, for a water main repair or line replacement. Usually there is a deductible. However, some components of the cost are covered. CCP suggests that you contact your insurance provider to receive the terms and conditions of your individual policy.

Clark County Plumbing & Drain  provides free in-home estimates for sewer and water main issues.

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