Hydro Jetting A Sewer Main

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Hydro jetting a sewer main in Vancouver WA, we cleared a glass bottle and pieces of plastic in the sewer main from vandalism.

Hydro jetting uses high pressure water to clean the inside of sewer pipes and drain lines.

Hydro jetting and video inspections insure that the sewer line is cleared properly so we can warranty our work.

Clark County Plumbing & Drains hydro jetter is on a trailertrailer jetter and is pulled behind one of our vans. It uses 12 gallons per minute of water that is ran through a 300 gallon water tank. We use state of the art nozzles to clear the line, the type of blockage determines which type of nozzle we use. For instance if the blockage is caused by roots we have a variety of root cutting nozzles that shred the thick roots into small particles that are easily flushed down the sewer.SAMSUNG

If the blockage is grease or FOG (Fats, Oils, Grease) we use a high flow rotating nozzle that breaks down the materials so it is easily pushed down the drain line.

Hydro jetting is far superior in the proper cleaning of sewer and drain lines compared to the standard practice of using a cable machine. Cable drain cleaning machines work well in some instances but they are limited in there ability to clear the entire inside of a sewer pipe.

We find that we have the best results by first using our cable machine to drain the line, after we have the line drained we then video inspect the line to determine what caused the blockage and we can locate where the blockages are in the line, then we follow up with the hydro jetter to thoroughly clean the line. Finally we video inspect the line so that we can be sure the line is as clean as possible.

The different sized nozzles makes hydro jetting very versatile not only can we use our hydro jetter on sewer mains up to 18″ around, it is just as effective in cleaning smaller drain lines like clogged bathtubs, slow draining kitchen sinks, stopped up showers and bathroom sinks. It is also a great tool for storm drains, rain drains, downspouts and gutters

Hydro jetting is not just for residential purposes we also use it for commercial restaurants, large school campuses and industrial buildings.

Clark County Plumbing & Drain LLC offers hydro jetting services through out Clark County and Southwest Washington

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