Frequently Asked Questions

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What areas of town does Clark County Plumbing and Drain service?

CCP services all of Clark county, including areas in Southwest Washington from Vancouver to Longview/Kelso, and as far as Skamania county to Portland Metro.

How much does the job cost?

As each job is unique, the extent of the work and pricing varies by job. We will come to your house and provide a FREE in-home estimateClark County Plumbing & Drain provides our customers with a thumbprint layout of their home or building. The Thumbprint is a detailed description of water flow throughout the house. CCP aims to inform our customers with the necessary information, that improves the understanding of their house and the extent of the work.

How experienced are the Clark County Plumbing and Drain technicians?

At CCP, we only employ the best technicians with years of tenure and experience in the plumbing field and industry. All of our technicians are highly trained and qualified in order to ensure the highest standard of service each and every time.

Commercial Service Nuestra Mesa Camas

CCP’s Commercial Service at Nuestra Mesa Downtown Camas NE. 4th Ave.


How can Clark County Plumbing and Drain be your partner in new construction and/or home remodeling?

In a team effort, we partner with several other local property management companies, remodels, handymen, and custom home builders. We offer our plumbing services in order to become a partner in your home remodeling or new construction project. Clark County Plumbing & Drain provides our customers with up-to-code city regulation legal permits, that allow work to be completed accordingly. If you are planning a new construction or home remodeling, Clark County Plumbing & Drain is your regional partner in Residential and Commercial plumbing services.

What services does Clark County Plumbing and Drain provide?

CCP is Southwestern Washington’s partner in Commercial and Residential plumbing services from drain cleans up to new construction.We specialize in Repiping, Fixture Installation and Leak Repairs, CCP has expertise in Drain Cleaning, Water Heater Servicing and Water/Sewage Line Replacement. Since 2007, Clark County Plumbing and Drain has been the regional partner in plumbing upgrade and remodeling projects. We are experienced in everything from leaky faucets to large commercial repairs.  For a more detailed description of the services we provide, Call us at (360) 210-7933. Schedule a technician to come out to your house for a Free in-home estimate. Tweet Us @ClarkCountyCCP!

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