Due For a Repipe?

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A repipe is the complete replacement of all existing water distribution systems from where water enters your home and to all of your fixtures. 

Clark County Plumbing & Drain’s top notch service includes replacement of all pipes, fittings, stop valves, supply lines, and we will patch any holes before we are finished. We have the best warranty in the business because we use the best products! When CCP arrives at your house for a repipe, we have a well trained and experienced crew working on your project in order to ensure the highest quality repipe job in the industry.


What are some causes for a Repipe?

  • Increased water pressure – As the water pressure is increased in parts of the pipe located closer to the water main. The increased pressure begins to wear down the inside of the pipe, causing small little leaks.
  • Age-related deterioration – Piping often reaches the end of its service limit at approximately 25 to 30 years. Older homes are more susceptible to the small leaks that develop into major ruptures and flooding.
  • Leaks at the fittings – Any manipulation of the elbow joints or other fittings cause an increased water pressure and unsteady flow. This effect wears down the pipes causing them to rupture.

Water line replacements/ Re-pipes and Prevention

Water pipe damage is a common occurrence in the Northwest. Water line replacement/re-piping is one of the many professional plumbing services that Clark County Plumbing & Drain can provide.

In order to slow down the aging and deterioration of pipes be sure to do the following.

  • Improved Water Treatment and Quality– Improve the water treatment practices to your water supply.
  • Improved Materials or Installation- By improving the copper plumbing design or manufacturing practices, you can save yourself the stress of time and money.
  • Insurance– You, yourself, must investigate the effect of small leak incidents in your area on homeowners’ insurance coverage.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Need to replace your old water pipes? Clark County Plumbing and Drain can provide trenchless water line replacement without damaging your lawn. Trenchless water line replacement is a cheaper and better way to go than the traditional water line approach.

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