Types of Commercial Hot Water Heaters

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Types of Commercial Water Heaters at Clark County Plumbing & Drain serving Vancouver WA and Camas WA

There are many types of hot water heaters for commercial buildings. Hot water heaters range from storage tank-equipped to tankless, and can be powered by electricity, gas, and even solar power. Choosing the right hot water heater for your commercial building can be difficult but a licensed plumber can help. After inspecting your commercial property or going over the details of your water usage.

Commercial Water Heaters

The different types of commercial water heaters each have their own unique benefits. For example, a solar water heater can heat your water using energy from the sun. This is great for cutting costs on your electric bill. A gas water heater, powered by natural gas, can also save you money on electricity.

Most people are familiar with the traditional storage tank water heater; but a newer, tankless water heater has also been developed. Along with the water storage options, most water heater manufacturers focus on energy consumption. You can save energy by installing one of the newer, condensing water heater or heat pump water heater systems that use heat generated by an efficient commercial heat pump to get your water to the correct temperature.

Which Commercial Water Heater is Best?

The only way to determine which type of water heater is best for your business or building is to review your specific water needs. While solar water heaters may work best in warmer more sun-lit climates, some buildings may find more savings with a classic electric water heater. Your plumber will work with you to determine which will be the most energy efficient water heater for your situation.

To find out which type of water heater is best for your building, contact a licensed plumber with experience in commercial plumbing. If you’re near Vancouver, or Battle Ground, or Camas, WA, then you should call Clark County Plumbing & Drain to review your water heater needs.

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Types of Commercial Water Heaters IN VANCOUVER WA AND CAMAS WA

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