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Commercial Water Heater Maintenance at Clark County Plumbing & Drain serving Vancouver WA and Camas WACommercial water heaters require routine maintenance and inspections to stay in proper working order. Water heaters that aren’t properly maintained are prone to early failure and poor water
quality, among other issues. The best way to ensure proper maintenance of your commercial water heater is to contact a professional plumber. Licensed plumbers can perform maintenance tasks and advise you on the upkeep of your specific water heater and plumbing.

Routine Maintenance for Commercial Water Heaters

Commercial water heaters need to be maintained regularly by a licensed professional, failure to do so may void warranties and leave you with failing equipment. Water heater maintenance is relatively straight-forward, even in a commercial setting. Water heaters need to be checked for impending issues such as rust an corrosion by a visual inspection and testing of water quality. Water heaters also need to be flushed on occasion to remove debris, build-up, and other potential contaminants

Tasks for Maintaining Commercial Water Heaters

Water heater maintenance begins with visual inspection of the tank, plumbing lines, and valves. If any are found to be leaking, dripping, or full of condensation then further investigation is needed. Leaking parts must be replaced, even if only dripping, as the leak will eventually grow worse; often suddenly.

Commercial water heaters need to be completely drained and refilled on a regular basis, as well. Ask your plumber or water heater service to drain your system at least once a year for the best water quality. Any signs of rust or debris in your hot water are an indication the equipment is failing or needs maintenance service.

If your commercial space is near the Camas, Vancouver, or Battle Ground areas in Washington then you should contact Clark County Plumbing & Drain for a complete maintenance service of your water heater. They can inspect it for issues and perform routine maintenance tasks to extend the life of your equipment and ensure a top quality water supply for your building.

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