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Commercial Water Heater Installation at Clark County Plumbing & Drain serving Vancouver WA and Camas WA
Many factors affect the installation process of commercial water heaters. These include fuel and power type, tank options and local plumbing codes. Commercial water heaters are often heated
using electric heating elements or natural gas burners. Both electric and gas water heater types come in tank-included and tankless options, with a different installation process applying to each type. Only a licensed plumber may install a water heater for regulation and local ordinance compliance, and safety and warranty reasons.

Installing Commercial Water Heaters

Depending on the type of your new commercial water heater, installation may be straight-forward simple project or may require a little more complex labor. Traditional commercial water heaters are large; they are usually designed to hold between 70 and 100 gallons of heated water. If your water heater is being installed in a basement or even upper level of your commercial building, the size may be to be factored in during installation. The next factor to consider when installing a commercial water heater is water supply lines.

Most basements and areas where water heaters are desirable already have sufficient water supply lines for the system. This may not be true of new construction or buildings being retro-fitted for more modern applications. If additional water supply lines need to be installed, an extra cost will often be charged for labor and materials.

Differences in Water Heater Types

The installation of your new commercial water heater also requires specifics on the type of heater you’ll be using. Water heater installation that requires natural gas hook ups can cost more, especially if new gas lines need to be installed.

Tankless water heaters are often the simplest to install, but require professional knowledge and skills for correct plumbing and fittings. Tankless water heaters may be installed on a wall, so space will need to be cleared for the system. This must also align with your existing supply lines, or new lines will need to be installed as well.

If your commercial property is in the Vancouver area, or near Battle Ground or Camas, WA, then you should contact the trusted Clark County Plumbing & Drain service company for all new commercial water heater installation needs.
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