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Signs It's Time to Repipe at Clark County Plumbing & Drain serving Vancouver WA and Camas WAMany building owners faced with leaky or eroded pipes wonder how much a repiping project is going to set them back. Repiping involves replacing all of the pipes in your commercial property with new pipes and connectors to ensure a safe delivery of clean water and clog-free draining. While repiping can be a big project in a commercial building, the costs are lower than what many would expect, especially when you factor in the potential savings from using more efficient modern plumbing materials.

Cost Factors of Repiping Commercial Properties

The first thing you’ll need to do when trying to determine the exact cost of repiping your building is find out the scope of your project. An estimator can help locate and measure how many pipes and fittings your building requires, as well as the length and route of each pipe.

After determining how many materials your repiping project will require, you will need to know if there are any extenuating circumstances that may make your project more costly. These can include plumbing routed through concrete or steel, and pipes routed behind hard-to-access brick walls, or other structures that require removal.

How Much Commercial Repipe Costs

Since every project is different, in terms of the amount of materials required and complexity of the plumbing system, there is no one size fits all answer for pricing. Most plumbers will gladly issue an estimate, however, after a brief review of your building.

The plumbing service you choose will include cost of materials, time and labor, and complexity of the project to find a fair price for your repiping. Repipe costs can be offset by choosing more energy efficient materials such as newer PEX piping, that will save money on your water and energy bills. This is especially true for commercial buildings where water usage is heavy, and properties equipped with large commercial or industrial water heaters.

To get a dollar-amount estimate for your exact project you will need to contact a licensed plumbing service. If you’re anywhere near the Vancouver, Camas or Battle Ground, Washington areas then you should call Clark County Plumbing & Drain to get started on your estimate today!

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