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CPVC Pipes repiping services at Clark County Plumbing & Drain serving Vancouver WA and Camas WAWhile PVC is a popular material for piping in houses and apartments, its more durable cousin-material Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Piping (CPVC) is a better choice for most commercial properties with hot water supplies. CPVC is a plastic heat-resistant material that piping is often made from for commercial and industrial applications. It can withstand more heat and chemical impurities than standard PVC pipes, and therefore lasts longer in heavy-use applications. Repiping of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Vs. PVC Pipes

The main difference between chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes and standard PVC pipes is that the former is able to withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas PVC is only rated for safe use at 140 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Many commercial building zones and regulations calls for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride due to it’s added safety and durability. Both types of pipe materials are prone to leaks and other issues if exposed to extreme cold temperature, however.

Another difference between the two plastic piping materials is that chlorinated polyvinyl chloride uses a different sizing system than standard PVC pipes. It also requires specially formulated solvents and primers that can resist high temperatures and properly secure the joints and elbows in your system.

CPVC Repiping for Commercial Buildings

Leaks can spring from threaded joints and elbows, or can be the result of increased pressure from partial or full-width clogs. If you find your chlorinated polyvinyl chloride piping system to be leaking or cracked from cold temperatures or clogging, you’ll need direction and repair from an experienced commercial plumber.

Complete repiping of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride can take several days depending on the size of your supply and drainage system, but is a worthy investment as an upgrade, and often a necessity to stay up to local construction codes.

Once you’ve detected a leak, or decided to upgrade your current plastic piping you will need to select a plumbing service that has experience and licensing in commercial plumbing. If your building is near the Vancouver, Battle Ground or Camas areas of Washington then it’s recommended you call Clark County Plumbing & Drain to get your repiping project under

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