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Commercial Copper Pipes at Clark County Plumbing & Drain serving Vancouver WA and Camas WA Copper pipes are prone to several issues including corrosion, leaks, and pitting. While copper pipes can serve your commercial space for years or even decades without noticeable problems arising, sometimes they do break, leak, or cause contamination of your water supply that you may not notice right away. If your commercial copper plumbing system has began to corrode or have other issues it may be time for a complete repiping. Repiping is the process of replacing all of the water supply lines in your system with new pipes.

Copper Repiping

Since copper is a metal prone to corrosion from acidic chemicals and liquids, copper piping is often found to warping, pitting and leaks near low points and connectors. That’s because water will sit in these areas longer, allowing any chemicals contained in the water to corrode the metal pipes. Once copper piping starts to corrode it needs to be removed and recycled, as such corrosion cannot be repaired.

Commercial Copper Plumbing

Copper is used in many commercial plumbing settings, as it was once the most popular material for long stretches of piping. Copper is light-weight and can easily be routed through walls and other commercial structures, leading to its abundance in office, retail and other commercial buildings. If your commercial property was fitted with copper piping and is showing signs of ageing or failure, it’s time to repipe your system. This will ensure clean and safe water for employees and customers to drink and wash in.

Replacing the water supply pipes in a copper system is an essential inevitability to make sure you’re delivering up-to-code water supply for consumption, cooking, or other commercial needs. Repiping an entire copper system may be less expensive than you’d think, however, as many metal pipes can be replaced with newer, cheaper PEX piping to save cost and improve efficiency.

If more than one of your copper pipes is showing signs of corrosion, or you simply want to upgrade your plumbing system to PEX or another piping type, then should contact a professional plumbing company. If you’re in Washington near the Vancouver, Battle Ground, or Camas areas then you should contact Clark County Plumbing & Drain for an estimate and breakdown of your copper repiping project.

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