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Every commercial building contains non-pressurized pipe systems. These systems include piping where the flow of water is determined by natural forces like gravity. No additional pressure from mechanical systems is exerted on the water in these systems. Non pressurized piping often includes main water lines, horizontal supply and drain pipes, vertical drain pipes, and other piping that doesn’t require extra force. Non-pressurized pipe systems have unique maintenance and repair needs. There is a wide variety of solutions for repairing non-pressurized piping, including the use of pipe liners to repair cracks, leaks and other issues.

Commercial Non-Pressurized Pipe Systems Issues

Many things can go awry in non-pressurized piping. That’s because water often sits in place in these pipes for extended periods of time. Without addition pressure being introduced to the system, clogs and corrosion can form within any pipe or joint in the plumbing. Once a clog has formed in your non-pressurized drain pipe, water may begin to back up into your drain openings.

Chronically clogged non-pressurized drain pipes, or water supply lines that contain hard water or frequent standing water water will eventually corrode or leak. In order to resolve leaks and corrosion without your commercial plumbing you will need to contact a licensed plumber for repair or replacement.

Non-Pressurized Commercial Pipe Repair

One of the best ways to resolve leaks and corrosion issues in your non-pressurized commercial plumbing is to have pipe lining installed. Pipe lining is a method of replacing the inner shell of your existing pipe with a new epoxy-based material that can withstand harsh water-treatment chemicals and hard water. The new, malleable pipe lining is usually pulled through the pipe then cured using the CIPP Cured in Place Pipe method.

CIPP Cured in Place Pipe lining is a great way to restore the safety and pressure of your original water supply and drain system. Using this technique on non-pressurized piping can resolve any issues that may have arisen due to standing water, clogs, and slow-moving drainage or water supplies. This epoxy-based pipe lining material is cured using an extendable ultra-violet light which reacts to the adhesive chemicals in the pipe to create a sturdy, permanent lining. This lining often lasts several times the life of your original pipe, eliminated the need for total pipe replacement.

If your building is located in the Vancouver, Camas, or Battle Ground areas of Washington then you should contact the trusted Clark County Plumbing & Drain for a thorough evaluation of your non-pressurized piping system.

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