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When a tough clog builds up in your commercial draining system, you’ll need to contact a licensed plumbing and drain service for removal options. Among the options for serious clog removal is the high-pressure water jet cleaning method called hydro jetting. Hydro jetting has been more and more popular of an option, as the method and equipment become more sophisticated.

During the hydro jetting process, water is sprayed down your commercial building’s drain pipes at over 3500 PSI. This method is capable of removing full and partial clogs containing food, debris, waste, and even metal.

Hydro Jet Cleaning of Commercial Drains

Commercial drains are prone to clogging due to heavy usage and industrial-type draining purposes. Restaurants may find their drains frequently clog from food and materials waste, whereas hotels and apartment buildings are commonly clogged from paper and improper flushing. Some clogs will respond better than others to snaking and augers, or even drain cleaning chemicals. More serious clogs involving any of these substances may require hydro-jet cleaning.

Commercial building owners often find water backing up from drain openings due to misuse or overuse of water drains in the buildings. When water is backing up, there is most likely a full-width drain somewhere between the drain opening and sewer system. Hydro jetting, also known as water jet pipe cleaning, is often the best solution for these scenarios in terms of efficiency and cost.

Water Jet Pipe Cleaning Services

Once your drain pipe has been determined to have a clog, your plumbing contractor will decide the best method for its removal. If your situation calls for hydro jet pipe cleaning, the pipe will be inspected for any broken or cracked areas. Hydro cleaning is not appropriate for broken pipes, as the high pressure used can cause further damage. Broken pipes will need to be replaced, which may then be followed by a hydro-jet cleaning, if needed.

Most inspections will require the use of a video camera, which will be fed through your drain opening and pushed to within the visual field of the clog. If the lighted camera snake can detect the clog and confirm the structural integrity of your drain pipe, then your plumber will begin hydro jet cleaning to clear the clog.

If your commercial building is located anywhere near Vancouver, Battle Ground, or the Camas, Washington areas then you should contact Clark County Plumbing & Drain for your hydro-jet drain clearing needs.
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