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Drains in commercial properties can become clogged frequently due to the high volume of waste being removed from the building. Clogged drains can cause backups of water through toilets and other fixtures, as well as create leaks, pitting and other issues with pipes and plumbing. In order to clear the drains in your commercial property you will need to hire a professional plumbing service to use a drain snake or other equipment to clean your system and remove any clogs.

Commercial Drain Snake Services

Commercial drain pipes and plumbing systems require different equipment and techniques for clog removal and cleaning than residential systems need. Commercial plumbing cannot be repaired by do-it-yourself plumbers, as serious chemicals and expensive equipment are usually needed to reach through the longer, more complicated pipes than what you’d find in a typical house. Commercial drain cleaning service providers often use chemicals, augers, drain snakes, and pipe replacement to clean drains and remove clogs. Drain snake and cleaning services

Drain Snakes and Augers

Drain Snakes are metal or plastic blades rods or blades that can be inserted into a drain outlet or opening to retrieve clog-causing materials and clear a path for water to drain.

Apartment complexes, offices, retails stores and other commercial spaces that require drain cleaning services may require the use of a commercial drain snake or drain auger. An indispensable tool to commercial plumbers, a drain auger is a type of drain snake with a retractable, toothed blade that can be forced through a long drain pipe. Augers are often battery or hand-crank powered for additional power and speed.

If you notice your drains are slow to remove water from your floor drains, or that the toilets or sinks in your commercial space are slow to drain then you probably need to hire a company that offers drain snake and cleaning services. If you’re near Vancouver, Camas, or Battle Ground, Washington areas then you should contact the experienced Clark County Plumbing & Drain company for a quick estimate for your commercial drain cleaning needs.

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